How to start?

In each and every company there are persons delegated to place, control and calculate orders for business travel. The level of responsibility and scope of duties performed by an employee involved in business travel organisation depends on the needs of the company. Additionally, there is a certain range of procedures, which need to be obeyed by the employees, regardless of the fact if it was created by conscious policy of the management or if it was created spontaneously, due to repeated actions.

In order to compile the organisation’s Travel Policy it is crucial to choose a suitable company which specialises in business travel arrangement (an IATA agent) and also to analyse it thoroughly and evaluate its service offer.  

The key elements most commonly taken under consideration while choosing an IATA agent are: comprehensiveness of an offer, dedicated service, response time and different ways of ordering available,  24 h service, forms of reporting, the level of service fees and experience supported by clients’ references.

The first actions of an IATA agent towards a new client are as follows:

  • analysis of needs and expectations,
  • choosing a suitable service offer,
  • establishing the rules for order placing and  its realisation,
  • agreeing on forms of invoices and reports,
  • setting up airline loyalty programs for companies and individual passengers,
  • enabling access to modern applications and innovative solutions.

Coordination of the above mentioned elements is crucial for creating or improving Travel Policy. It implies constant analysis of the expense, searching for saving possibilities and for improved ways of reporting to the Board.


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