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Amadeus ePower Corporate is a game-changing solution that enables you to quickly and simply develop an outstanding online travel management. It puts everything you need at your fingertips, so you can implement it with ease – and the lightest of touches.

Your business is under pressure

Light touch corporate travel customers are increasingly looking to benefit from all the advantages of online travel planning and booking.

Demand for easy online travel management is growing, so the pressure is on. If your
business can’t offer this functionality and expected level of expertise, customers are likely to look elsewhere or simply adopt a self-service approach – as they would for leisure travel.

Easy online travel management with the lightest of touches

Now you can react swiftly to this growing market demand – and turn it to your
advantage too.
Amadeus ePower Corporate allows you to quickly develop an outstanding online
travel management service, and integrate it into your existing business offer with the ultimate ease.
Specifically designed to enable you to deliver an expert online corporate travel management solution with the lightest of touches, it will impress and empower your
customers and boost your own business at the same time.
Based on simple, yet sophisticated, technology, Amadeus ePower Corporate is easy to set up and to use. You can use it to get an online sales solution up and running in a matter of days, without any requirement for additional IT investment.

Benefits for your business, and for your customers too

This innovative solution helps to position your business as a proactive, forwardthinking travel

partner and acts as a showcase for the full range of your expertise and services.
The outstanding features, functionality and agility that it brings to your offer will benefit both your own business and that of your customers too.
As well as enabling you to deliver exceptional customer service, Amadeus ePower Corporate provides all the advantages of online travel planning and booking that light touch corporate customers are looking for.
Your involvement can be as extensive or as limited as they require, and you can rest assured that your profitability is protected at all times.
Equally impressive as it is intuitive, Amadeus ePower Corporate gives your customers quick and easy access to a comprehensive choice of top global content for flights, hotels and car rental & insurance – sourced in real time from multiple providers.
Extensive user functionality for both travellers and travel arrangers is carefully designed to help them to achieve greater return on and/or control over their travel

Benefits to your business

  • Quick and easy online travel planning and booking
  • Greater return on and/or control over travel spend
  • Instant access to a comprehensive choice of global content
  • Covers flights, hotels, car rental and insurance
  • Real-time prices and availability sourced from multiple providers
  • Extensive functionality for both travellers and travel arrangers

Everything you need, at your fingertips

Amadeus ePower Corporate is a gamechanging solution that will revolutionise
your business offer and enable you to quickly and easily adapt to meet the
ever-increasing demand for online travel management services among customers in the light touch corporate travel market.

Everything you need is right there at your fingertips. It means you can develop an
online travel management offer in just a few days – and without any additional IT costs.
This simple-to-set-up online sales solution is fully integrated with the Amadeus system, so it is also very easy to implement into your existing portfolio.

Proactive profitability

Amadeus ePower Corporate enables you to move into the online arena at the same
time as securing your bottom line. It is the proactive way to protect and enhance your business.
The fast implementation and functionality it offers allows you to hold onto your
customers’ business while also benefiting from savings that offset the downward
revenue pressure of the demand for online travel planning and booking.
Going forward, you are likely to find that providing an easy online travel management solution for your light touch corporate travel customers will help improve hotel bookings too.

Trusted technology partner

As the global travel industry’s leading technology partner, Amadeus is committed to helping you overcome your biggest business challenges by continuing to provide innovative and advanced integrated solutions, plus best-in-class support and expert consulting services.

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