SAS Credits

SAS Credits gives you as a corporate customer the possibility to collect and earn points called SAS Credits each time you or one of your employees travel. SAS Credits can be used as a currency for purchasing new tickets or hotel stays.

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About SAS Credits

SAS Credits is an offer to customers that do not already hold a contract with SAS and is particularly targeted at small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). When registering and accepting SAS Credits Program Terms & Conditions all corporate customers will receive a CMP-code. The CMP-code will have to be provided each time when making reservation. This code is also used for spending points. When the CMP-code is inserted in the reservation SAS Credits will be put to customers’ account when the trip is completed.

All earned SAS Credits points will be put on your account where your company can easily check the status by logging-in to the SAS Corporate Site. On this account you will find information about the earned SAS Credits and how much those are worth. Future tickets can be paid with those SAS Credits points.

Advantages for Company

  • Cost efficiency, lowering the cost of corporate travel.
  • As a SAS Credits member your company will receive a 2% discount from published fares originating In Poland.
  • Double as good! The companies receive SAS Credits points and the travelers receive EuroBonus points – all at the same time.
  • SAS Credits points can be used for the new flights for 3 years since earning them.
  • There is no top level limit on how many SAS Credits points a company can earn or spend.
  • There is no minimum amount of SAS Credits points which is needed in order to start redeeming them for new tickets.