Grupa Travel has developed and copyrighted a software application which allows our corporate clients to access this tool which enables clients to: self - generate reports, download invoices and to download and analyzing their travel statistics and expenses.

This tool is dedicated to the companies who seek thorough knowledge of the expenses spent on business travel, for employees responsible for assigning invoices, or for anyone who wishes to have a closer look for details related to the services purchased.

Thanks to this application, the most often used providers can be identified, the ordering trends can be compared over the months or years and most commonly purchased services can be recognized. Moreover the travel expense can be divided among cost centers or among the employees and many others. It is a great help to the accounting and corporate travel departments.

From one of our clients:

„This is a solution critical to a travel agency which operates in the 21st century. There is no need to ask for an invoice, a report, a statement. You need an invoice, one click and you have it. Do you need to know how much Mr Smith has recently spent on his business trips? Let’s say you are interested in the first quarter, airline tickets, Business Class – a few clicks and you have a complete report. You can print it out or export it to Excel – total independence. It is a user-friendly tool. Personally I recommend the saving report and the report on an average advance booking time.”